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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 03/27

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Who is Clete Thomas? Apparently, he could be the outfielder who replaces Curtis Granderson while he's out with an injury.

Both Jon Paul Morosi and Danny Knobler have reported that the rookie has made quite an impression on Jim Leyland, thus compelling Mack Avenue Tigers and Tiger Tales to post some background on the young man. A left-handed bat who can play some center field would fit in nicely right now.

In this morning's Detroit News, Lynn Henning has some revelatory quotes from Jim Leyland on yesterday's release of Tim Byrdak. The biggie?

"When you're hoping a major-league pitcher throws strikes, in most cases he probably doesn't belong on your team."

In lieu of that remark, where does that leave Dontrelle Willis? Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson (who, thankfully, is still in Pittsburgh) had good things to say about the movement on Willis's pitches, though.

Denny Bautista's excellent spring has been rewarded with some responsibility. When the Tigers open the season, he'll be the bullpen's eighth-inning man. (At this point, was there any other place to pitch him?)

The Daily Fungo has updates on more than a dozen former Detroit Tigers and the teams they're currently with. When did Milwaukee become a haven for failed Tigers prospects?

Sports Illustrated is picking the Tigers to win the 2008 World Series? Is that good or bad? Well, at least they're not on the cover of SI's baseball preview, so the jinx is presumably not in effect. (Isn't it interesting, by the way, that each of the young superstars on the cover play in the National League?)

Also previewing your 2008 Detroit Tigers is Did they really not mention the bullpen as one of the Tigers' weaknesses? How about that? (via The Cutoff Man)

Hey, I think we have a trend! USA Today has also published its preview of the AL Central, and favors the Tigers nicely while featuring Magglio Ordonez.

In anticipation of the Opening Day collision between the Tigers and Kansas City Royals, Royals Authority analyzes the Detroit lineup.

This is a few days old, so maybe you've already seen this, but Big League Stew ranked each of the ballparks they visited this spring, and Joker Marchant Stadium comes out looking good.