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BYB Does Ball Star

As a footnote to yesterday's interview with the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger, he only agreed to be interviewed by me if I would answer a few questions for him, as well. Sam really had to twist my arm, as you know how I prefer not to talk about myself. That's why I got into blogging, to keep my thoughts private.

So my answers to Sam's questions about this year's Detroit Tigers have now been posted at Ball Star for your viewing pleasure. Topics of conversation ranged from the generous spending of Mike Ilitch to the possibility of the Tigers scoring 1,000 runs to concerns over Dontrelle Willis and the bullpen. Oh, and if you ever wanted to know what my favorite restaurant is, that curiosity can now be satisfied.

Click on over there to give it a read, if you're so inclined. And thanks once again to Sam for being so gracious with his time over the past week.