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Chatting with The Detroit Tigers Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, Mike McClary was back home visiting Michigan, and was nice enough to stop by my neighborhood in Ann Arbor so we could hang out for an afternoon. And while we were loitering at one of the many coffee shops surrounding the University of Michigan campus, Mike whipped out a recording device to save the conversation for posterity.

You can hear our coffee-fueled chat on the latest episode (#39) of The Detroit Tigers Podcast. We like to think of it as a do-over of a podcast we recorded a year ago, which was unfortunately devoured by evil file-erasing nanobots. So there's a little bit of "Hi, I'm Ian - and this is my story" at the beginning of the interview.

Later on, my arch-enemy Samela Samara from Roar of the Tigers (who's just too harsh on herself) joined us while Journey played behind us and we had ourselves a Tigers bloggers roundtable. (Full disclosure: the tables we sat at actually were round.) Many kudos to Mike's digital recorder because there was a lot of background noise at the cafe, along with music playing in the background, yet our voices can be heard very clearly. (I apologize for my cough, which can also be heard all too clearly.) Technology is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I could be biased but I think this was a nice way for Mike to start off the new season of The Detroit Tigers Podcast. It's always fun to chat with him, and I'm really glad Sam could join us - even if all of my musical references went over her head and hit the poor young co-ed behind her. You can download or stream the podcast directly from the show's webpage or iTunes. Please give it a listen and check back with Mike throughout the season. He does a great job in what will be the third year of the show.