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While Mantei Retires, Rodney Throws

Matt Mantei did indeed call it a career this morning, informing the Detroit Tigers that he is going to retire. After he stopped by the Tigers' training complex to pick up his things and say goodbye to the teammates that hadn't made the road trip to Kissimmee, the team made everything official by releasing him.

"This is it," he said. "I'm done. I threw a pitch the other day, felt something give and could barely lift my arm the next morning. Whatever was in there, holding on to the last string, finally gave.


"I didn't even go to the doctor to find out what it was," said Mantei, 34. "I knew it was over. I had felt so good, thought everything was going well, but know what? I gave it a shot. I tried.

"I'd known before I didn't have much rotator cuff left but I did everything I could to make it as strong as I could, to make it last. Just wasn't to be. I'm cool with it, though. I'm going home (to Stevensville, Mich.) to be a dad again.

Mantei finishes his career with 93 saves, along with a 14-18 record and 4.07 ERA. The Tigers would have been the fourth major league team he played with.

The news is better for Fernando Rodney, who threw this morning without any pain or discomfort. Rodney made 15 throws at 60 feet, and after the pain-free session, the Tigers' training staff said he'll throw again at 60 feet, and then at 80 feet before being re-evaluated. He thinks he'll be ready by Opening Day.