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Money, It's Gotta Be the Shoes!

Last week, I noticed the snazzy spikes that Dontrelle Willis was sporting in a photo accompanying John Donovan's profile of him on I'm glad to know I have an eye for such things, because evidently, the shoes are even more dazzling in person.

'Duk from Big League Stew is down in Florida for Spring Training and stopped by the Detroit Tigers' camp today. And while in the clubhouse, he found himself seduced by the footwear at D-Train's locker.

Nikes. Orange trim. Orange lettering. "DT" for D-Train on the back.

"Those new?" I asked.

What a great question. He couldn't be wearing teal with his new Tigers' uni now, could he? I might as well have asked if he'd be commuting from south Florida for each game.

"I mean, are those a new style for this year?" I corrected myself.

Willis just shook his head and laughed.

Note to John Keating, Ryan Field, Trevor Thompson, Shireen Saski, or anyone else who files reports on FSN Detroit's Tigers Live and Tigers Weekly programs. I want a profile on Dontrelle Willis' shoes. Maybe Rod Allen can do a weekly feature on D-Train's kicks, like he did on hitting with Gary Sheffield or defense with Curtis Granderson. Maybe FSN Detroit can get Spike Lee to direct it, too.