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Inge Watch: So He Was Taken Out of Context

You know, I was joking when I titled the last Inge Watch post, "At Least He Didn't Say He Was Taken Out of Context." Hasn't that always been the classic response - especially from athletes - when they realize they said something they shouldn't have said, or they read it and realize how it came off in print? That seems to be exactly what's happened with Brandon Inge. At least that's how Tigers assistant GM Al Avila made it sound on XM Radio earlier today.

From Jason Beck's blog:

"Brandon came in actually today and talked to Jim [Leyland]. He felt that he was misquoted in the newspaper, things were taken out of context and he actually came in today and said that he's willing to catch. From his point of view today, he's expressing that the way that things that were written weren't exactly the way he expressed it, he was just frustrated that one game but if he's going to be with the Tigers he'll be happy.

Was Inge feeling some remorse after reading Leyland's "it's obvious - he does not want to catch" comments? Only player and manager know for sure. I think anyone who's sent an e-mail or instant message knows that sentiments can come across differently in text than in spoken word, so maybe there's some truth to what Inge is saying. But it's difficult to imagine how else his remarks about catching could have been interpreted.

Or maybe Inge realizes his team might need him to fill a rather large hole once the season begins, now that the Tigers have officially announced that back-up catcher Vance Wilson won't be ready for Opening Day. His elbow's still feeling achy breaky, to the point where he won't be hitting until everything feels better. Tom Gage says the job will go to Inge, unless he's traded before the team leaves Lakeland for Detroit. Otherwise, Dane Sardinha will likely be the guy.

One more thing: FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal thinks the Los Angeles Dodgers are "indeed intrigued" by Inge, though he seems to accept the financial and roster realities of such a transaction by the end of the bullet point.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)