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Does Detroit Want Any Barry Bonds Business?

Should the Detroit Tigers sign Barry Bonds? It's a topic that seems to be gaining popularity in baseball circles. Eric Karabell and Peter Pascarelli discussed it last Friday on the ESPN "Baseball Today" podcast. Mark Grace and Kevin Kennedy batted it around on the FOX post-game show, following the Tigers' loss to the White Sox on Saturday.

Perhaps it seemed like a natural fit to some, while Gary Sheffield was out with an injured finger. Others might just be trying to connect some perceived dots, based on the previous working relationship between Bonds and his former manager, Jim Leyland. Or maybe it just seems like a perfectly logical suggestion, given how feeble the Detroit bats were in their first seven games of the season.

It's a question that also crossed the mind of the kaleidoscopic Kevin Kaduk, whom you might know better as "'Duk," the editor of the so-enjoyable-we-can't-believe-it-didn't-exist-before Big League Stew, who just wants to see a perfectly capable slugger land a job somewhere. 'Duk asked me whether or not I thought the Tigers should sign Bonds, and my thoughts on the matter have been posted at BLS for your reading pleasure. After checking that out, come on back and throw in your two cents on Bonds and the Tigers in the comments. I'd love to know if others share my opinion.

Thanks to 'Duk for inviting me over to swim in the wonderful baseball cauldron he's created at Yahoo! Sports. If you're not reading Big League Stew every day, you really are missing out on some great stuff.