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A Stark View of the D-Train

For his latest "Rumblings and Grumblings" column at, Jayson Stark included a couple of Tigers-related notes. Curtis Granderson was listed among five players whose injuries have had the worst impact on their team. But further down, Stark adds some coal to the "Dontrelle Willis is injured" furnace that's been giving off some smoke since Spring Training.

The anecdote was prompted by a scout asking Stark if he was going to include Willis on his list of injured players, because he hasn't been looking very healthy on the pitching mound.

Scouts we surveyed say his velocity is down again, to the point where he pitches at 88-89 mph, though he sometimes gets one up there at 92-93. And while his delivery has always been a bundle of flying elbows, knees and spikes, it's now so much more awkward that people are beginning to ask if something's up.

Tigers fans are familiar enough with Willis's difficulties with velocity and location after he walked seven White Sox batters last Saturday. And Stark echoes the sentiment that if Willis is hurt, at least that provide some explanation to those wondering just what's going on with him.