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Is Dumpster Diving Necessary?

Responding to every little rumor that might pop up around the internet and blogosphere is probably writing a sure ticket to Crazy Town (I already consider my address Tiger Town), but I've seen rumblings of the Detroit Tigers possibly looking at Kyle Snyder in a few different places now (MLB Trade Rumors and Baseball Prospectus, to name two), and that's compelling me to put fingertips to keyboard.

Yes, I realize the Tigers aren't really in the position to turn up their nose at anyone capable of getting some outs in a relief role. I also understand the idea of bringing in anybody new (especially if he doesn't have the last name "Grilli" - and maybe we can add "Miner" to that list now - on the back of his jersey) is intriguing to fans, and to us bloggers looking for stuff to write about.

However, I don't think Detroit has to be a junk-heap for cast-off relievers looking to audition for major league employment. For one thing, the Tigers already tried that with Aaron Fultz after Cleveland released him, and he was so highly regarded that Clay Rapada was called up from Toledo instead.

But Ian, the Tigers have nothing to lose by bringing these guys in. It wouldn't even cost that much money with a minor-league deal.

Under most circumstances, I would agree with that. But here's the thing: Snyder stinks. At least that's what his numbers say. So does the fact that the Red Sox released him (although after a couple of shaky outings, their middle relief has been much better). His ERA was 21.60 when he was cut loose. Go ahead and say "small sample size" (and it is small: 1.2 innings), but clearly Boston had seen all they cared to.

Snyder put up good numbers in 2007, but that's been the exception over a five-year major league career. Batters hit .295 against him, he doesn't throw very many strikeouts (5.9 per nine innings), and issues nearly the same number of walks (3.2). The Tigers don't have anyone in their minor league system who can at least give them that? If not, then maybe they really are in trouble.