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Mr. Rodney, the Doctor Will See You Now

Dr. James Andrews of Birmingham, AL is one of the world's best known orthopedic surgeons, but if his name is mentioned in the same sentence or paragraph as a pitcher, it's usually not good news. Guess who Fernando Rodney will be visiting on Wednesday?

John Lowe reports in the Detroit Free Press that Rodney felt pain in his shoulder yet again during a bullpen throwing session today, so the Tigers' training staff decided it was time to get that thing examined by the expert on knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries. The exam will determine whether or not Rodney needs surgery.

“We’ve gone the conservative route from the medication standpoint and trying to build up his arm strength,” [trainer] Kevin Rand said. “He hasn’t been able to carry that over to the mound at this point. So it’s time to have him re-examined.”

If you were counting on Rodney to pitch this season, you might want to direct that hope somewhere else. His season could be toast.