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Opening Day Roundtable on The Detroit Tigers Podcast

I forgot to mention that Mike McClary hosted an Opening Day podcast roundtable over the weekend, and he worked hard to get that posted before Monday's opener. Fortunately, with the season only one game old, everything we discussed on the podcast still applies.

The panel included myself and Mr. McClary, along with Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience and John Milton of The Daily Fungo. Topics of discussion include, well, everything concerning the team coming out of Spring Training.

(And unlike last year's attempt at an Opening Day roundtable, everyone came through crystal clear on Skype and was properly recorded for broadcast. I shouldn't have even mentioned what happened last year, as I know Mike wants to forget all about it.)

You can hear our season-opening chat (including a prediction that runs contrary to the one I wrote here) on the latest episode (#42) of The Detroit Tigers Podcast. Mike also recently posted an interview with that you might find interesting. You can download or stream the podcast directly from the show's webpage or iTunes. Please give it a listen and check back with Mike throughout the season.