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Game 19: Tigers (6-12) at Blue Jays (9-9)

Nate Robertson (0-1, 7.02) vs. A.J. Burnett (1-1, 7.27)

It's going to be a short write-up today for the Game Thread this afternoon. Besides having to bounce around from relative to relative as they're leaving Charleston today, I'm nursing a bit of a hangover. I guess that's why those drinks are called "gin" and tonics, eh? Those bartenders at the wedding reception were generous with their pours. And all I've had to eat this morning are chocolate-covered cherries and a piece of wedding cake I swiped, so I'll probably be getting sick shortly after this is posted.

Nate Robertson left his last start with tightness in his left lat muscle, you might recall. So it'll be interesting to see whether or not that was just a little tweak on Tuesday, or if it's something that might hang with him today.

A.J. Burnett got knocked around a bit last Sunday by the Rangers, as well as in his previous start vs. the A's, so maybe he'll still be serving up some hittable stuff for the Tigers today.

All the wedding stuff is done now, so no more of these little anecdotes from the south, hopefully. My sister and her new husband areoff to their getaway, and things should be returning close to normalhere at BYB as I'll be getting back to something resembling my normal routine. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!