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Francisco Cruceta: Coming Soon to a Detroit Bullpen?

There was a question about Francisco Cruceta in tonight's Game Thread, and the story from Toledo was exciting enough that it seemed to warrant a separate post. In his debut with the Toledo Mud Hens this evening, Cruceta pitched three innings and didn't allow a run or hit.

According to Lynn Henning, who was on the scene for the Detroit News, Cruceta's most impressive inning was probably his first, when he came in for the sixth inning and struck out the side on 10 pitches. But it's not like he was any less dominant in the seventh and eighth innings. And here's a description of what Cruceta threw tonight:

Cruceta's fastball regularly touched 94 mph, and once hit 95. He added a hard slider and a lethal split-finger change-up, the pitch Cruceta added to his repertoire following earlier stints with Texas, Seattle and Cleveland.

Something wicked this way comes? Cruceta's been an international man of mystery (credit for that to The Daily Fungo), but if he keeps pitching like this, I'd imagine that Detroit's going to be seeing him very soon.

UPDATE: Here's something Cruceta might want to fix before he gets the call up to the show. Mud Hens manager Larry Parrish (L.P.!) thinks Cruceta is tipping his pitches. Minor leaguers might miss even if they know what's coming, but I'd bet most major leaguers will mash.