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August 1, 2003: Remembering the Horror

When I heard that Ramon Santiago hit his first home run since 2003 last night, I was hoping I could make a joke about the Detroit Tigers being undefeated when he takes a pitcher deep into the seats.'s Jason Beck did the legwork by posting a link to the boxscore from August 1, 2003, and I trashed my joke because the Tigers lost to the Twins that day, 10-4.

But I was still horrified, nonetheless, to see the lineup Detroit sports fans were subjected to on that particular night (though it was the fans in Minneapolis who had to view the grisly truth with their own eyes). Check this big boi murderer's row out:

    1. Alex Sanchez, CF
    2. Warren Morris, 2B
    3. Bobby Higginson, RF
    4. Kevin Witt, DH
    5. Carlos Pena, 1B
    6, Eric Munson, 3B
    7. Ben Petrick, LF
    8. Matt Walbeck, C
    9. Ramon Santiago, SS

Take all the time you need to recover. I know. I know. Take a deep breath and sip on a Vernor's. I cried into my pillow while hugging it tightly as I tried to find the solace that only sleep could bring as I remembered the baseball that we once had to watch.

Did the Tigers actually charge full major league ticket prices to see this? Did we really pay to watch it? I know it was all part of Dave Dombrowski's plan, to tear it down so it could be rebuilt and brought back stronger. And lineups with Kevin Witt hitting clean-up were part of the penance that had to be paid for the prosperity we're currently enjoying in Detroit. But Sweet Milk of Magnesia, that's still ugly to look at.