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We Got Knocked Down, But We're Up Again


All apologies for the site being down during last night's game and no Game Thread being available for what had to be some of the most fun both the Detroit Tigers and their fans have had in a while.

Wha hoppen? SB Nation upgraded its servers on Tuesday night, while migrating all of our NFL sites over to the new platform in anticipation of Saturday's NFL Draft. But at some point yesterday, in the words of our Tech Lord Trei, "we experienced a major hardware failure." So one of the servers had to be shut down while the tech crew tried to determine what exactly had occurred. Ultimately, they discovered that that the RAM (memory) we received in the recent upgrade was "bad".

As Trei put it, this was a "worst case scenario event." Unfortunately, all of this happened while games were being played.

Another possibility is that the Tigers scored so many runs last night against the Rangers that it crashed the scoreboard and game-tracking capabilities. I know I clicked "refresh" a couple of times on MLB Gameday, just to make sure the numbers coming up were correct.

The major issues have apparently been resolved, as I'm able to type this out and post it, which is something I wasn't able to do after 6 p.m. EST last night, so it looks like most of our problems have been cleared up. From what I'm told, we won't quite know, however, until normal traffic resumes at SB Nation today. But hopefully, this is the last time anything like this happens again.

Once again, I'm sorry there was no Game Thread for people to express their joy over the pounding that took place last night at Comerica Park. (I posted the gamer that I'd already written, just for the sake of consistency and posterity.) I'm hoping you all come back today to check things out and resume business as usual. Thank you for your patience.