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Game 25: Angels (15-9) at Tigers (10-14)

Dustin Moseley (1-2, 7.78) vs. Armando Galarraga (2-0, 1.50)

Could this be the day, with a national FOX telecast (actually, only nine percent of the country) looking in, that we finally see the Justice League Unlimited, tower of power lineup that's been promised to us - and the baseball world at large - since early December? Well, maybe. If Carlos Guillen's knee feels up to it. Everyone in the batting order isn't feeling 100%, of course, with Gary Sheffield's shoulder still bothering him. (Is there such a thing as a cortisone patch that he can slap on that baby and play with during the game? Somebody needs to get on that.)

Will The Armando Galarraga Experience continue its blazing run of excellence against these red-clad Angels of the Orange County, CA region? The minor league call-up who was just supposed to fill in for the injured Dontrelle Willis has been the Tigers' best starting pitcher over the past 10 days, giving up just two runs in 12 innings. This will be his first start at Comerica Park, so we'll see if the road show plays as well at home.

Galarraga faced the Angels last September, and it didn't go so well for him. Starting for the Rangers in Arlington, he gave up five runs over 4 2/3 innings. Galarraga struck out four batters, but also walked four, and served up a home run to Casey Kotchman.

In his only start against the Tigers, last season in Anaheim, Dustin Moseley gave up four runs in 4 2/3 innings. Fortunately for him, Jeremy Bonderman picked that evening for the worst start of his career, getting destroyed for 11 runs in just 2 1/3 innings. Fathers still refuse to tell their children about this game, for fear of causing long-term psychological damage.

(And in my final post from the road, hello from Lexington, KY. I'm taking advantage of free - well, with a room - wi-fi n the hotel lobby before hitting the road back to Michigan. Leaving at 1 p.m., is there any chance I'll be back in Ann Arbor by the time the Detroit Lions make their first-round selection?

I also feel like I should pass along an important lesson I learned today: Don't ever battle a squad of young equestrians looking to load up on continental breakfast bananas before they compete. They will hurt you, and gang up on you in doing so. And I don't think they were even drinking coffee. I could only eat soft muffins and soggy cereal afterwards.)

Short Hops:

  • Curtis Granderson will not wave to you when he's on camera, so please stop asking. Even if he's looking great in HD.
  • Lynn Henning profiles the Tigers' team of scouts in today's Detroit News.
  • Before today's contest, Dontrelle Willis is set to throw a simulated game . If that goes well, he'll begin a rehab assignment next week.