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Game 26: Angels (15-10) at Tigers (11-14)

Jered Weaver (1-3, 4.50) vs. Justin Verlander (1-3, 5.93)

Apologies for the buzzer-beating Game Thread. Somebody set his nap alarm for 7:00 a.m. instead of p.m. Did I really just almost sleep through the start of this game? Maybe I subconsciously wanted to avoid this because I'm not very excited about the Detroit Tigers playing on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. For whatever reason, playing under the watch of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan doesn't work for them very well. Or maybe you've managed to erase their last two appearances from your memory.

In two starts against the Tigers, Jered Weaver and his Prince Valiant haircut have gotten spanked like the little brother of a guy they once traded. Weaver has a 1-1 record against Detroit, but has a 14.14 ERA over just seven innings (13 runs, 18 hits) to show for the experience.

Meanwhile, Justin Verlander finally won his first start of the season last time out. Okay, it was against the Texas Rangers, and you say they're not very good right now. But hey, they also just took two of three from the Twins. So maybe the Tigers really were that good against the Rangers. Verlander gave up just one run and six hits over six innings, which is the kind of effort we prefer to see from the ace.

As Peter posted in the comments of the last post, Carlos Guillen is indeed playing tonight, batting sixth and playing third base. So after a couple of false starts, the Tigers finally get to put their full lineup on the field tonight.