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Broom to the Face: Royals 4, Tigers 1

I'll try to keep it short today, as I'm sure we'd all like to forget these opening three games as soon as possible. But I feel like writing a recap of today's game would basically be repeating what I wrote yesterday, so how about letting an image sum up being swept at home by the Kansas City Royals?


Get it? Brooms? I know; it's no good if you have to explain it.

If I was a Photoshop whiz like Samela, I'd impose Trey Hillman's face over Mickey Mouse's, and stick the heads of Zack Greinke and Alex Gordon (who showed Jeremy Bonderman what he thought of that change-up by launching it opposite field to deep left-center) on top of the broomsticks. And I'd replace the buckets with baseball bats. But we're left to the powers of our imagination today. Kind of like the Detroit Tigers imagining what it would be like to score some runs.

It's too bad the next series with the White Sox is at Comerica Park, because I think the Tigers could use a road trip right now. Shake it up a bit. Circle the wagons. Anything to make things a little bit different and jolt this team out of what looks like a stupor. The road trip will come soon enough, however. Hopefully, the Tigers and their bats will have snapped out of this opening week malaise by then.