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Game 4: White Sox (1-2) at Tigers (0-3)

Jose Contreras (0-0, 0.00) vs. Nate Robertson (0-0, 0.00)

Rob Neyer beat me to my idea of how I was going to lead off today's Game Thread when he called 2008 "The Year of the Catch Phrase." Less than one week into the season (for everyone else besides the A's and Red Sox), it's hard to believe that anyone will coin something better than "And that happened." The Tigers should learn these words, learn to love them, and live by them as they move past the first three games of this season.

(A close second for the year's best catch phrase, by the year, and one that could contend for the title was coined by our dear friend/arch enemy, Samela: "Lamesauce.")

So maybe as you've slowly begun to accept that the Royals just might match up really well with the Tigers and "have their number" this year, here comes the team that has bullied Detroit around for the past couple of seasons. Last year, the White Sox went 11-7 against the Tigers, and had a winning record at Comerica Park.

Jose Contreras, however, didn't contribute to that dominance, going 0-2 and giving up 19 runs and 26 hits in 18 innings. In his last start of 2007, he lasted just one inning against the Tigers, who bombed him for seven runs and seven hits.

How did Nate Robertson do against the White Sox? Not bad, allowing seven runs in 13 innings for a 1-0 record and 3.46 ERA.

Gary Sheffield is indeed out of the lineup, due to his injured finger. However, according to Danny Knobler, he is available to pinch-hit, if needed, and isn't expected to go on the disabled list. Miguel Cabrera is back in, and will take Sheffield's DH spot in the batting order. That means Brandon Inge will fill in once again at third base, and Clete Thomas will get the start in center field.

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