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Off-Day Open Thread/Therapy


Hey folks, how's it going? Hopefully, you had a good sleep last night. Or maybe you had a therapeutic run, kick-boxing session, or lunchtime pub-crawl to take your mind of our Detroit Tigers. The guys on the field are taking the day off, so we probably should, as well.

Me, I told myself I'd be taking most of the day away from the computer on this gorgeous spring day in southeastern Michigan to recharge a bit. But I thought that maybe we could also use a place to commiserate, to get to know each other a bit and remind ourselves that we all live rich, full lives that are bigger than this baseball team that is currently crushing our early, hopeful aspirations.

So let's talk. I'm listening, and hope you are, too. We're here for each other. I'll put some topics (baseball and non-baseball) on the table to get the ball rolling, and maybe we can remind ourselves that things ain't so bad.

  • My little sister is getting married on April 19 in Charleston, SC. Will the Tigers have won a game by then?
  • Boy, I like ice cream on warm days like this. What's your favorite flavor? I'm a fan of cookies 'n cream, but in warmer weather, I often prefer a fruity flavor like strawberry or black cherry.
  • Now that all the snow's melted, my lawn looks dead and yellow, kind of like a canary that was left outside all winter. Anyone out there have a favored fertilizer or lawn treatment that they use this time of year?
  • Speaking of dead and yellow, doesn't Nick Swisher's bleached facial hair look stupid? Sure, the White Sox just got done stomping the Tigers like bags of poo that had been lit on fire. But don't all those guys look like douchebags?
  • They played some stuff from the new R.E.M. album on the Sunday Night Baseball telecast last night, and it's good, but the Counting Crows' new album is also very good.
  • Have you ever actually gotten some useful help from a Best Buy employee? Or do they usually just stand there blankly while you answer your own question? (If you work at Best Buy and you're reading this, I'm not talking about you; I'm talking about your co-worker that everyone else hates, too.)
  • Does anybody else want to spend a summer as Anthony Bourdain, traveling the world and eating whatever funky food gets put in front of him?

Okay, that looks like enough to get us started. Feel free to add anything you'd like in the comment thread. Just be nice to each other.