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Game 7: Tigers (0-6) at Red Sox (3-4)

Calm (156 games remaining) vs. Panic (0-6! No hitting! No pitching!)

Kenny Rogers (0-1, 3.00) vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka (1-0, 2.31)

After an off-day for travel, the Tigers see if they can pull themselves together on the road. Unfortunately, there are probably better places to try for the first win of the season than at Fenway Park against the defending World Series champions - who will receive their glorious bling in pre-game ceremonies. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but I'm of the belief that these sorts of things don't usually work out well for the home team. All the pomp and circumstances creates sort of a lull that the ring-bearers need to snap out of, while the visitors look on from the dugout, nursing an urge to smack the smile off someone's face.

Detroit saw two different Dice-Ks last season. The first time they faced him at Fenway, the Tigers went a long way toward building his legend, as Daisuke Matsuzaka allowed only one run while throwing a complete game. At Comerica Park, Dice-K looked much more mortal, giving up six runs and 10 hits in five innings. But if the same guy who threw nine strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings against the A's last week, it could be another frustrating day for the Tigers.

Kenny Rogers pitched well enough to win in his first start of the season, but the Tigers had nothing on offense, managing just two hits against Brian Bannister. (Maybe now you remember why you have patches on your head where the hair seems to have been pulled out.) For his career, Rogers has a 5-6 record and 5.48 ERA at Fenway Park.

Over the Monster has your SB Nation opposing view for this three-game series. Starting lineups are posted in the comments.

UPDATE: This is apparently no April Fool's joke. Bill Buckner will throw out the first pitch today.

Short Hops:

  • Fire Joe Morgan trains their knives on the Detroit News' Lynn Henning. Ouch.
  • You've probably already heard that Curtis Granderson's hand appears to be healing nicely. He'll begin resuming those baseball activities today, as he traveled with the team to Boston.
  • According to someone who studies such things, the Tigers' promotional giveaways are the good stuff this year.