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Game 39: Yankees (19-19) at Tigers (16-22)

Andy Pettitte (3-3, 3.77) vs. Nate Robertson (1-4, 6.64)

What are the chances we get this one in today, people? It's raining now, and looks to be raining through most of the game. Even TBS is playing The Weather Man before their telecast of today's game, so maybe they're trying to tell us something.

I haven't had a chance to watch many of the new TBS Sunday games, so I'm curious to watch this one. (EDIT: Oops, looks like it's blacked out under MLB restrictions.With it being a national broadcast, however, I can't get too excited, given how the Tigers have performed under the big spotlight this season. Plus, they still haven't won a game on a Sunday. That would seem to be quite the double-whammy of bad juju.

Something that might counteract that juju is facing a left-handed starter. Oh, these Tigers do like batting against the lefties. And Andy Pettitte has been winless in his last three starts (though he pitched well enough to win last time out, versus the Indians.) Detroit knocked Pettitte almost two weeks ago in the Bronx, tagging him for five runs and seven hits in six innings.

Whatever happens, the Tigers will probably have to score at least five runs, because we know Nate Robertson is likely to give up four. He's allowed four runs or more in each of his seven starts this season. But Nate's one win this year was achieved against these New York Yankees, so maybe this is a good match-up for him. Or not.

Joe Girardi was apparently so impressed by Derek Jeter's home run yesterday that he's got his shortstop batting clean-up today. For the Tigers, Curtis Granderson was probably going to sit against Pettitte anyway, but with his recent 1-for-16 (with nine strikeouts), maybe he could use a day off. Brandon Inge gets the start in center field, with Ryan Raburn playing in left and Marcus Thames in right. Magglio Ordonez is the designated hitter today. That is, if this game is played.

Happy Mother's Day to you, if it applies to anyone reading this. If that includes my mother, make sure you stay hungry for tonight's dinner.