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Game 41: Tigers (16-25) at Royals (18-21)

Kenny Rogers (3-3, 5.82) vs. Gil Meche (2-5, 6.31)

Can the Tigers salvage a win in Kansas City before heading off to Arizona for interleague play? (How do you like Detroit's chances in that series, by the way?) Between today's matinee start time and disgust over the piddling effort the Tigers have put forth in the past two games, I don't know how many people are going to be watching this one. We welcome all participation in the GameThread, of course, and will try our best to keep those of you at work updated.

How about just scoring some runs? With any kind of offense at all, the Tigers likely would've won the last two games. Gil Meche could give up some runs, having allowed five in his last start versus the Orioles. He's also served up five runs or more in four of his eight appearances this year. But Meche could also just as easily shut Detroit out again. That's what he did against Cleveland two starts ago.

Kenny Rogers has been pitching well lately, and is arguably the Tigers' best starting pitcher right now. But again, if his lineup can't score any runs for him, it's not going to matter how well he throws today. Perhaps it's an encouraging sign that the Tigers have averaged seven runs over Rogers' last four starts. (Of course, they were also shut out in each of his three starts before that, so...)

Short Hops:

  • Both Billfer and Big Al are wondering why Gary Sheffield isn't on the disabled list, now that the Tigers have made it clear his shoulder is too injured to play the outfield. I think it's terribly clear that if Sheff can't help the team right now, he needs to be shelved for someone who can. (Free Ryan Raburn!)
  • For you R.E.M. fans out there, did you know Peter Buck is recording an album of baseball-related songs? (via Pop Candy)