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D-Backs 4, Tigers 0, fan patience -100

Despite the high socks, the Tigers' bats remained silent, and were shut out for the 7th (!) time in 2008, in a 4-0 loss to the D-Backs.. The most telling stat from this lost weekend in Arizona was the Tigers offense going 0-7 with RISP Sunday, and 1-20 for the series. That's not going to win you many games.

In losing 2 of 3 to the D-Backs, the Tigers have now lost 5 consecutive series. They are 10 games under .500. The Tigers are winning at a lowly .386 clip, the worst winning percentage in the American League, 2nd worst in all of baseball. Their record for the month of May is an ugly 4-12.

The Tigers are 6.5 games back of the 1st place White Sox, and 4.5 back of the tied for 3rd Twins and Royals. The only reason the Tigers are not double digits behind for the division lead is thanks to the utter mediocrity of the AL Central.

If the Tigers continue on their current losing tack, their season could essentially be over before the Pistons and Red Wings end theirs. Something or someone desperately needs to light a fire under this woefully underachieving team, or what's already been a long season will soon become a lost season.

Roll call: tbliggins, ThaWalrus9, pfuhrmeister, Tigsfan, MackAveKurt, Juskimo, Roar of theTigers , and Zappatista all suffered through another loss. You're either great fans, or masochists.