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Game 30: Tigers (14-15) at Twins (13-14)

Armando Galarraga (2-0, 1.50) vs. Livan Hernandez (3-1, 5.05)

To the Metrodome we go! After sweeping the Yankees in their final visit to Yankee Stadium (and contributing to an excellent night for Detroit sports), the Tigers roar into Minneapolis looking much more like the team we've been expecting. Last year, Detroit won eight of nine games at Minnesota. Go ahead and read that sentence again; I looked over it a few times after typing it out.

At what point do we stop asking whether or not The Armando Galarraga Experience can continue and just embrace its majesty? Maybe you're already there, and I'm the one who needs to put aside my reservations. Galarraga has allowed just three earned runs in 18 innings as a Tigers starting pitcher. He's also struck out 13 batters during that span. (And that's probably why he was voted the Tigers Pitcher of the Month.) This will be the first time he's faced the Minnesota Twins.

Livan Hernandez hasn't been quite as good, but considering that most observers thought he'd get hammered in the American League (provoking sheer horror at the idea of him possibly coming to the Tigers), he's done pretty well so far with the Twins. But perhaps those initial fears are on their way to being realized, as Hernandez has given up 11 total runs in his last two starts. (Pitching him at Ameriquest Field in Arlington was probably a disaster waiting to happen.) This will be the first time Hernandez has faced the Tigers, as well, but he's 2-0 at the Metrodome to start the season.

The Twins will be without their manager this weekend, as Ron Gardenhire has left

Twinkie Town presents your SB Nation opposing view for this weekend's series.