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Game 48: Oh, So THIS is the Bullpen We Feared

The Gist: Armando Galarraga walked five, struck out five, gave up five earned runs and seven hits in six innings pitched. Not a Quality Start. Dontrelle Willis replaced Galarraga and in one inning game up four ones: hit, run, earned run, and a balk. And, of course, he walked a pair. Of his 28 pitches, only 13 were strikes. The result? Twins 9, Tigers 4.

The Tigers looked to be making another Comerica Park comeback against the Twins when, in the bottom of the seventh, they cut a 5-0 deficit to 5-4. Gary Sheffield's homer could've been tied at five if Marcus Thames hadn't strayed about a total of 50 feet off two different bases during the same play. The bullpen immediately gave back three runs in the top of the eighth. Jim Leyland got the thumb in the top of the seventh.

The Quote: Whatever Leyland said to get ejected.

The Stat: 0. The number of strikeouts by Willis, opposed to the 11 walks. In other words, he has more balks than strikeouts. Oy vey.

My Two Cents: I have a question for you, is it too soon to declare that this team has no heart? I'm just asking.

Up Next:

Saturday: Nate Robertson (1-5, 6.08) vs. Boof Bonser (2-5, 5.25)