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Game 51: Seay Four Balls, See Tigers Lose

ESPN highlights available here.

The Gist: Kenny Rogers was outstanding -- seven innings, five hits, one walk, no runs. But, of course, the Tigers can't hit when it counts nor can Bobby Seay throw a single strike when it counts and they lose 1-0 to the Angels. I was tempted to call this a heartbreaker but it wasn't; this loss was more like a remote-control breaker, which is what I wanted to do when Seay walked Garret Anderson.

The Quote: "The thing that is frustrating for me tonight is that there were two or three times we didn’t need a hit to score - all we needed was a fly ball." -- The Gospel according to Jim Leyland. The Stat: 83-79. That's the Tigers record over their past 162 games. Smells awfully mediocre to me.

My Two Cents: Bobby Seay's four pitches weren't that far off the plate and I was surprised that home plate umpire Adrian Johnson didn't stretch the strike zone a tad.

Up Next: Tigers @ Angels

Jeremy Bonderman (3-4, 4.58) vs. Ervin Santana (6-2, 3.24)

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