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Game 52: Tigers (21-30) at Angels (31-22)

The Tigers fanbase is revolting. They are quite unhappy with the team as well!

I'm sorry, it's an old joke, but I felt the need to add a levity to ByB after last night's true gut punch of a 1-0, 12 inning loss to the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels. The Tigers wasted Kenny Rogers best outing of the year, unable to mount any semblance of an offense, and were shut out for the 8th time in 2008.

It was the sort of loss where we could look back in a few months, and say, "Remember Bobby Seay giving up the 4 pitch walk off walk to the Angels? That's when the season ended."

Just how bad was the loss? Check out the reactions in the game thread ...

BigAl (that'd be me!): Jesus, I hate this team.

rook34: This is what we have. For better, or for what it looks like, for worse.

The Walrus9: a rhyming word that starts with F

MackAveKurt: I’m really really disliking this year’s version of the Tigers.

I'll let rook34 have the last word on what was a very disturbing loss.

rook34: We’re one Bondo explosion from officially being back in a tailspin.

Indeed. Let's try an move on from this latest debacle, shall we?

Tonight, the man the Tigers send to the mound to stop the tailspin is Jeremy Bonderman (3-4, 4.58). He's facing the Angels Ervin Santana (6-2, 3.24 ERA).

I really don't have much to say about tonight, other than the Tigers, and the fanbase, could really, really, really use a win. Seriously, just win a damn game.

I'll let Todd Jones finish off today's game thread post, as he's quoted not wanting to get on Jim Leyland's bad side. Apparently Leyland's not in the mood to be trifled with...

“Look, this team needs to realize that this guy took on Barry Bonds. He’d run every one of us out of town. You’re just better off if you don’t cross him. And I think he relayed that message 100 percent. You just don’t mess with him. It’s not that hard. He doesn’t ask a whole lot.”

Short hops:

It's a day of mourning for this Detroit fan. As Mike reminds us at The Daily Fungo, 28 years ago today, the Tigers traded 1st baseman Jason Thompson. Mike, I feel your pain. The big 1st sacker was one of my all time favorite players too.

At Mack Avenue Tigers , in an attempt to beat blogger's block, Kurt's answering questions about the Motor City Kitties submitted by his readers. He's looking for more questions, so fire away!

Eno compares the Tigers' all or nothing offense to a pinata at Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb?