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Injury news: Sheff to the DL, Guillen hurts where the sun doesn't shine

Gary Sheffield and Carlos Guillen are both hurting , though only one will be going on the DL.

Sheffield left last night's game due to an oblique strain. It's serious enough to have sent him to the 15 day DL. (FINALLY!) Called up from Toledo to replace Sheffield is 25 year old, left hand hitting 1st baseman Jeff Larish, who had been pounding International League pitching to the tune of 16 HR's and 43 RBI, with a .274 average.

It's interesting to note than Mike Hessman, who has been up with the Tigers in the past, one of the last players cut in spring training, is more versatile in the field than Larish and is currently leading the IL in home runs, didn't get the call.

We know what Hessman can do, I'm curious to see what Larish brings to the team.

As for Guillen, let's just say he's invested in a rubber donut and an industrial sized tube of Preparation H!

I'll just let Jim Leyland tell the cringe inducing story...

“He can hardly move - he’s got hemorrhoids so bad,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday. “He’s been playing with hemorrhoids that probably need to be lanced. He probably shouldn’t have been out there (third base on Monday).”

Leyland said the hemorrhoids have been bothering Guillen for about four or five days, but they have gotten worse in the last few days. “He could hardly walk (Monday night),” Leyland said.

You could consider this a metaphor for the Tigers' 2008 season. It's been a pain in the ass for all of us...Some though, hurt more than others..