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Game 52: Tigers Find Innovative New Ways to Lose Every Day

The Gist: Let's see, Jeremy Bonderman pitched an outstanding game and Miguel Cabrera hit a two-run homer -- enough to win the game. Monday's game. Neither performance was good enough to fuel a Tigers win in Anaheim because, stop me if you've heard this one, Detroit could muster only two other hits and the bullpen did its thing. Angels 3, Tigers 2. Oh, and the Tigers are now assured of losing another series.

The Quote: "He has hemorrhoids so bad, he probably shouldn't have been out there." -- Jim Leyland on Carlos Guillen. Given the awful performance Guillen gave on Monday night's loss (two errors), one has to wonder why Brandon Inge wasn't at third base as he was on Tuesday night.

The Stat: 28. The number of games the Tigers have lost in 2008 when scoring less than four runs. Brutal.

Up Next: Tigers @ Angels

Armando Galarraga (3-2, 3.70) vs. Joe Saunders (8-1, 2.31)