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Jim Leyland has spoken: We'll see more of Thames and Granderson

Before tonight's Angels game in SoCal (I'm sick and tired of the Angels constantly changing their damn name, I expect them to be the Burbank Angels soon), Jim Leyland gathered the media, and decreed the following to be so.

Marcus Thames is the full time left fielder:

I've always been a fan of Thames. I've said it over and over again, Marcus Thames will go yard 40 times if given 500-600 at bats. You can book it. He may only hit .210, but Thames will go deep often enough for it not to be an issue.

The Tigers really don't have any pure power hitters, save for Thames. If there is one thing he can bring to the table, it's Ruthian power. Say what you will, but a modern day Rob Deer/Dave Kingman type still has value. Thames' 40 home run power in the everyday lineup is the Tigers best option to try and jump start a moribund offense.

Thames' 2 home runs tonight said volumes about the Marlboro Man's decision. Specifically, that he made the correct one.

Curtis Granderson will play more often against lefties:

I know Granderson often struggles against left handed pitching. Hell, I know he's struggling, period. But he's an extremely talented ballplayer, and will get better. Granderson is not going to hit .241 all season.

Ask yourself this. Even against left handed pitching, is Curtis Granderson one of your 3 best outfielders? Your best centerfielder? Of course he is, so he should be playing every day, whatever side the pitcher throws from be damned. In other words, it's about time!

Carlos Guillen will sit for a couple of games:

Well, Guillen doesn't want to actually sit...because...well, you know...he hurts in a certain...Hell, I'll just say it.

Guillen will stay off of his hemorrhoid riddled rear end for a few days, OK?

As I said, this Tigers season has been a pain in the ass. But in Guillen's case, it's more in the literal sense...