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The next meeting of the "Cult of Clete" will not be held in Toledo

The Tigers continue to tweak their 25 man roster, in the hope something will click, and turn around what's been a lost season. What's the latest move?

The suddenly scuffling Matt Joyce has been sent down to Toldeo , while ByB reader favorite, Clete Thomas, has been recalled to the big club. Thomas played fairly well in his first go-round with the Tigers, hitting .295 while replacing the then injured Curtis Granderson in center.

Joyce had shown big time power, with 5 home runs in 18 games, but was 1-17 with 7K's (including the dreaded golden sombrero on Tuesday) in his last 5. Joyce was visibly struggling as of late, as the league began to develop a book on him.

Yesterday's announcement by the Marlboro Man naming Marcus Thames the full time left fielder, and also factoring in the call up of the left hand hitting Jeff Larish, left Joyce without a job in Detroit. The Tigers obviously decided they'd rather Joyce get regular at bats in Toledo, and the faster, more versatile (Having the ability to play CF, for example) Clete Thomas was a better defensive option coming off the bench.

For those interested, the next "Cult of Clete" meeting will take place Friday night in the ByB game thread...