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Game 53: Galarraga Goes Zoom, Bats Go Boom

Sorry for the delay in getting this one posted...

The Gist: Armando Galarraga was all that again and the Tigers bats awoke in time to avoid a sweep in Anaheim. The 6-2 win gives the 4-2 Galarraga four more wins than Dontrelle Willis, double the win total of Justin Verlander and Nate Robertson, and one more than Jeremy Bonderman -- and it's almost June 1. Bygones. New full-time left fielder Marcus Thames went yard twice and drove in four runs and Magglio Ordonez knocked a pair of hits. Curtis Granderson led off the game with only his second hit of the year off a left hander.

The Quote: "I don't try to hit home runs, even though everybody thinks I'm a home run hitter." -- Thames The Stat: 2:35 - Wednesday's time of game, darned snappy for an American League contest.

My Two Cents: Looking at the lineup from Wednesday's game, I thought that particular configuration, with possible exception of Edgar Renteria and definite exception of Miguel Cabrera, is the Tigers' best defensive team.

Up Next: Tigers @ Mariners

Nate Robertson (2-5) vs. Carlos Silva (3-4)