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Game 55: Los Marineros Extend Tigers' Pathetic Blowout/Shutout Trend

ESPN highlights available here.

The Gist: Mariners 5, Tigers 0, the ninth shutout of the year for Detroit. Sometimes you've got to tip the cap to the other team's pitcher. How else can you explain the Tigers inability to score gobs of runs on consecutive days -- against Seattle, of all teams. Today we choose to give all the credit to Felix Hernandez who gave up two hits in seven innings and struck out seven to boot. Justin Verlander drops to 2-8 on the season.

The Quote: "[Silence.]" -- Tigers bats

The Stat: 3. The number of consecutive losing months for the Tigers in 2008 (counting the 0-1 month of March). At the end of April the Tigers were two games under .500; at the end of May they are nine games under. That's hardly making progress.

Up Next: Tigers @ Mariners

Jeremy Bonderman (3-4, 4.34) vs. Miguel Batista (3-6, 5.98)

Editor's Note: Ian's return is nigh, which means your Tigers Game Recaps will be much more thoughtful and quality focused. You can still find me over at The Daily Fungo and The Detroit Tigers Podcast. Thanks, too, to my substitute-blogger-in-crime Big Al for helping keep the bar high here at BYB.