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The Metrodome: Jim Leyland's Sports Bar

Some of us, when we're out of town and want to keep up on our teams, we'll head to a bar (often a sports bar) and hope we can convince the bartender or manager to switch one of the TVs to the game we hope to watch. Others get to ask the staff of a major league ballpark to switch its Jumbotron over to a particular sporting event.

We knew that Tigers manager Jim Leyland was into horses, owning two that are set to be trained by Richard Dutrow, the trainer for yesterday's Kentucky Derby winner, Big Brown. And he got to watch the whole thing at the Metrodome during batting practice.

From Phil Miller's Pioneer Press blog:

When the Tigers started gathering on the Metrodome turf for batting practice this afternoon, Detroit manager Jim Leyland walked over to the Twins’ dugout and found a security guard. He talked to her for a couple of minutes, pointed up to the press box, and walked away while she got on the phone. I wondered what was going on -- turn off the music? Eject a fan? Or (gulp) a sportswriter? Got my answer about a half-hour later, with the rest of the early arrivers in the Dome. As the horses were being led into the starting gate, the telecast of the Kentucky Derby suddenly appeared on the video board.