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Bondo 1, ESPN Camera 0

Ask and ye shall receive! Eric Seidman was able to hook us up with a clip of Jeremy Bonderman's pitch caroming into the lens of the ESPN camera behind home plate last night. Just a bizarre play, and I love Pudge Rodriguez's sheepish, "uh-oh" walk toward the camera, as if he was going to be the one who had to apologize to old Mrs. Graham for smashing her patio window. (I just, um, pulled that name out of thin air.)

And it didn't even look like the ball hit the lens that hard. At first, I thought it was some goofy screen effect by ESPN. Oops! Ha ha! You break it, you buy it, Bondo! Hey Orel, do a report on that!

Then they show the actual lens, and it's one big spider web - smashed into pieces. It was as if Bondo threw the ball right into the camera to announce his presence with authority. Like the announcing crew, I wonder how much one of those lenses goes for? Good thing Bondo got that new contract...