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Game 35: Red Sox (22-13) at Tigers (14-20)

Clay Buchholz (2-2, 3.71) vs. Armando Galarraga (2-1, 1.88)

Do you think a rainy afternoon in the metro Detroit area compelled Tigers hitters to sit by their window, look outside, and ponder the ineptness of their recent play while the quiet pitter-patter of the raindrops brought them introspection and peace? Even better, perhaps they contemplated the sound of bat hitting baseball, as opposed to one hand clapping.

One more loss, and the Tigers will be at that seven-games-below-.500 mark that had all of us shaking our fists at the sky, standing on ledges, and ready to kick small animals. (Or was that just me? I can never tell.)

The new, shiny coat of paint that had been Armando Galarraga's first three starts with the Tigers showed some drying and chipping Friday night in Minnesota. He was bound to give up some runs eventually, and the Twins finally hung four runs on him in six innings. As has been the problem ever since leaving Yankee Stadium triumphant, however, Galarraga could rightly file for a lack of run support. His lineup just didn't give him any help.

On the other side, Clay Buchholz has been fantastic for the Red Sox since getting stomped for seven runs by the Yankees three weeks ago in the Bronx. In his subsequent three starts, Buchholz has only given up three total runs, while striking out 21 batters in 19 1/3 innings. That game against the Yankees, by the way, was the only time Buchholz has given up more than three runs in a start this season. Doesn't he sound like just the sort of pitcher you want to see the Tigers face right now? Blurgh.

Short Hops:

  • The designated hitter wheel of fortune chooses Matt Joyce this evening.
    Over at Tiger Tales, Lee analyzes the idea of "pitching to the score."
  • Galarraga is one of the candidates for the new MLB Rookie of the Month award.
  • Somebody give The Spot Starters' Blake a cool towel for his forehead, after researching the many ways in which the Tigers have stunk in the first five weeks of the season.