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Igawa Gives, Jones Almost Gives Back: Tigers 6, Yankees 5

I haven't been very good at doing this sort of thing before, but I managed to grab a still image from tonight's Yankees-Tigers telecast. Here's Kei Igawa during the third inning:

Really, shouldn't the Tigers thank the Yankees for starting Igawa tonight? Bringing him up from Scranton was the starting pitcher equivalent of an intentional walk. In three innings, Detroit knocked 11 hits for six runs off Igawa in just three innings.

The quotes of the night might have come from The LoHud Yankees Blog's Peter Abraham: (via Pinstripe Alley)

UPDATE, 7:19 p.m.: Igawa is better than I thought he would be. It took two pitches before he gave up a hit.

UPDATE, 8:43 p.m.: Say this for Kei Igawa, he didn’t show up anybody by pumping his fist like that rotten Joba.

Maybe I shouldn't be too cocky about tonight's win, since Todd Jones came in for the ninth inning with gasoline apparently dripping from his jersey. I guess coming in for a non-save situation wasn't going to cut it for Jonesy, so he had to make it interesting. Does he ever pitch well when a save isn't on the line? That bad feeling crept into all of our stomachs when Jones gave up a double to Wilson Betemit (???) to start the inning.

Check out this beauty of a stat line: Four hits, one walk, and three runs. And he threw a couple of pitches in the dirt that moved runners along, too. Even for Jones, this was a ridiculous outing. Will we hear that it's because he hasn't gotten too much work lately?

Roll Call

Friday night's all right for commenting, right?

Thanks to miggy4mvp, pfuhrmeister (from Vegas!), Grant E., Zappatista, ThaWalrus9, rock n rye, spotstarters, and HavocRox for sticking it out through the unnecessarily nail-biting end.