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Where the Wild Things Are: Indians 8, Tigers 2


Dontrelle Willis's line from tonight's game really tells you all you need to know: 1 1/3 innings, eight runs, three hits, two home runs, and five walks.

I mean, you take a look at that and you know the Tigers didn't have a chance, right? They were done before their lineup even went to the plate. How many of you checked out of this game after that first inning? If your children watched the carnage with you, are you worried that they might have suffered long-term psychological damage? Hell, Jim Leyland will probably have nightmares tonight.

So how much of this D-Train Wreck is going on between his ears? Names like Steve Blass and Chuck Knoblauch, two guys who seemingly lost the ability or confidence to control where their throws were going, were being tossed about in the GameThread tonight. Mike McClary sent me a text message, saying this was the second coming of Rick Ankiel. Is that what's going on here? Or is it still an issue with Willis's mechanics?

The Tigers probably don't have any other choice but to keep sending Willis out there, if he's healthy. Especially now that Jeremy Bonderman is likely out for the rest of the season. But how many more times can they start a pitcher who effectively gives them no chance to win?