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The End for Vance Wilson?

For those of you who were hoping Vance Wilson might return to the Tigers this season to back up Brandon Inge at catcher, thus making Pudge Rodriguez available for a trade, you can probably forget those plans. Wilson's career might be over.

Before this afternoon's game, Wilson revealed that he'll need another Tommy John surgery on his right elbow. He hadn't even fully recovered from his first procedure, which he had last year, but tore another ligament in the elbow while throwing. Wilson initially thought the "pop" he felt was scar tissue tearing, but when his elbow still didn't feel right three weeks later, he had it checked out and a MRI exam found the tear.

Could this have been another reason Jim Leyland decided he needed to rotate catchers, and begin playing Inge behind the plate more often?

Here's a longer report from's Jason Beck.