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Game 67: Dodgers (31-35) at Tigers (29-37)

Derek Lowe (4-5, 4.15) vs. Armando Galarraga (5-2, 3.70)

Some nasty storms could be moving through metro Detroit this evening, which could put tonight's game in question. Most of southeastern Michigan is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m. EST. At the very least, there could be a delay at some point. My guess is that MLB will try to get this one in, as scheduling a doubleheader would be difficult either Saturday or Sunday, and the Dodgers likely wouldn't be enthused about flying to Detroit to play on an off-day.

Getting rained out would be a drag as the Tigers finally have some momentum going, and surely want to keep on rolling. Armando Galarraga recovered nicely from his "piggyback start" vs. Oakland, keeping the Indians to two runs and four hits over 5 2/3 innings. He's won three of his last four starts, one of which was Detroit's only win in interleague play thus far.

The Dodgers come to Comerica Park having lost six of their last 10, and 14 of their last 20. Derek Lowe, however has been pitching quite well, allowing just six earned runs over his last four starts (29 innings). For what it's worth (Lowe hasn't faced the Tigers since 2005), he has an outstanding career record against Detroit, going 7-1 with a 1.82 ERA.

We've also got something of a streak going, as "ginger ale" has been a good luck charm the past two games. So the Vernor's banner goes up again. As the profound Crash Davis once said, "Never #@$% with a winning streak."

Forgive me for getting somber for a moment, but I'd like to note the passing of Tim Russert, someone whose work I've admired for a very long time. (And judging from all the photos and clips I'm seeing on TV right now, he was a huge baseball fan.) As an aspiring journalist, I always thought it would be great if just once, I could nail a guy with a question the way Russert did to politicians all the time. And if I loved my job as much as he seemed to, I must be doing okay. I can't imagine a Sunday morning (or election coverage) without him.

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