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Off-Day Open Thread


This off-day feels a bit different from the last few, doesn't it? Rather than needing a break because bad baseball is driving you nuts, maybe you're calmer today, savoring the good stuff you've been watching over the past couple of weeks. Instead of hoping a day off gives the Tigers a chance to collect themselves, you're eager to see them get back on the field and keep this going.

But I don't want to speak for you. Bring up whatever you want today. As usual, I'll hit a few grounders for you to field as you choose.

  • Here's a great way to waste a couple of hours (or more) this afternoon. You're Chipper Jones against a pitching machine. I've only played one game, and I stunk. I blame my mouse. (via Shysterball)
  • Should we be worried about Brandon Inge?
  • This instant replay thing bothers me. Not that I don't think it should be adopted; it's a good idea and should definitely be used in the playoffs. I just don't think it should be implemented during this season, after some 60-plus games have already been played. What about the teams and games that could've benefited from it already?
  • The Love Guru is going to be a huge, steaming piece of crap, isn't it? Unfortunately, Get Smart isn't getting much good buzz, either. I was kind of looking forward to that one.
  • After a siesta, Big Al is back, and has written two posts on the Tigers - a Lynn Henning rebuttal and "Burning Questions" - at The Wayne Fontes Experience. I'll steal one of his topics: Who do you think should be the Tigers' fifth starter?
  • What sounds good for lunch today? I'm leaning toward Jimmy John's.

Please feel free to discuss anything you'd like in the comment thread. As always, just be nice to each other. Life is good!