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Friday with the Friars

With the Detroit Tigers set to begin a three-game series with the San Diego Padres tonight, I was going to link to Ducksnorts' fantastic three-part interview with Padres GM Sandy Alderson. (Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) Their discussion covers a wide range of topics, including Alderson's career, San Diego's farm system, and even blogger access, so it's a great read and something of a crash course on the Padres' organization.

But after swinging by Ducksnorts today, I see that Geoff Young rounded up a handful of Tigers bloggers and sat them down at a circular table (figuratively speaking, I'd imagine) for a pow-wow about Detroit's suddenly surging baseball team. Bill Ferris, Lee Panas, and Brian Borawski chat with Geoff about the path this season has taken so far, certain players that have disappointed and surprised, and a former Padres prospect that's pitching for the road team tonight.

In turn, Geoff answered some of Lee's questions about the Padres, which you can read right now at Tiger Tales. It's a helpful guide to the team we'll watch the Tigers face this weekend.