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Game 73: Tigers (34-38) at Padres (31-43)

Eddie Bonine (1-0, 10.13) vs. Greg Maddux (3-5, 3.31)Switch to HTML editor

That "rematch of the 1984 World Series" stuff doesn't seem too pertinent when the Tigers and Padres faced each other just three years ago, does it? Maybe that's a reason to dislike Interleague Play for some. For me, it's a reason to love it. I think it's great that we get to see the Tigers play at Petco Park and face one of the modern titans of pitching (Is that laying it on a bit thick?) in Greg Maddux.

Pitchers such as Maddux, who rely more on guile and deception rather than pure stuff, have given Detroit trouble in the past. But the Tigers are basically beating every kind of pitcher right now, so maybe it doesn't matter. Maddux is coming off one of his worst starts of the season, in which he gave up five runs (two earned) and eight hits in six innings vs. the Indians. In his three appearances before that, however, Maddux allowed just four total runs over 19 innings. Good hitting lineups have knocked him around this year, and right now, the Tigers are swinging the bat well.

Could this be Eddie Bonine's final start with the big league club? He can certainly influence such a decision with a solid outing tonight. But he really wasn't very good last Saturday against the Dodgers, giving up six runs on nine hits over 5 1/3 innings, and may have prompted the Tigers to begin thinking about other starting pitching options. Bonine didn't walk any batters, which is how he works, but he does give up some hits. I know some might think Petco Park's spaciousness could help him, but there's also a lot of space for hits to drop in if he can't keep the ball on the ground.

And will Joel Zumaya see some action tonight? The Tigers officially activated him this afternoon, and would surely like to see what he's got. Even if he's not great tonight, he can't possibly be worse than Fernando Rodney was on Monday, right? Right?

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