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And the Crowd Chanted 'Ga-ry!' Tigers 8, Cardinals 7

Yes, I waited out the 2 1/2-hour rain delay.

Jonesy imitating Maggs' ALCS-winning home run was hilarious. (From where we were, in Kaline's Corner, we weren't sure who that was. Thought it was Van Slyke at first, but Jones' stockier build should've tipped us off.)

Very, very grateful for Mike McClary getting seats that were sheltered from rain.

Ankiel is a stud.

And yes, I stayed until the very end. Sheff is back, boys and girls. Guillen was great at the plate, and with the glove.

Worried about Zumaya.

Aren't games in the Eastern time zone supposed to end before 1 a.m?

So glad no extra innings.

Tired now. Day game tomorrow.

Broke many speed limits on the way home. Smokey didn't clock me.

Roll Call

If you were in the GameThread tonight, awesome. You know you who you are. Fist-bumps. Long night. If you weren't, we'll catch you next time. Sleepy time.