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Comerica Park Simmers in the Big League Stew

In case you missed it (and I got too caught up in the turnaround between Wednesday and Thursday's Tigers-Cardinals games to put up a post yesterday), Big League Stew ran its Big Ballpark Review of Comerica Park. And along with dispelling some of the commonly held perceptions about Detroit around the country, the review includes plenty of good suggestions that will help you get all you can out of your visit.

(There are also copious quotes from some of the Detroit Tigers bloggerati, including myself, but you get enough of me here, don't you?)

But if you've never been to the CoPa or haven't stopped by in a few years, don't just take the BBR's word for it. We had some great recommendations from readers here earlier in the week, and the Detroit Tigers Weblog's community also provided a lot of good information while discussing what they liked and didn't like about the Tigers' home.

We're at that time of year when people have more time freed up to catch a ballgame (heck, I just caught my first one of the season this week) and start planning road trips. And of course, as the Tigers continue to play better, even more fans will be interested in heading down to Detroit for a game. So if there's anything you think we missed or some more you'd like to say about your ballpark experience, share your thoughts with us in the comments.