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Game 79: Rockies (32-47) at Tigers (38-40)

Ubaldo Jimenez (2-7, 4.52) vs. Eddie Bonine (1-0, 5.84)

And so our love affair with the National League comes to an end after this weekend. Following a three-game dogfight with the St. Louis Cardinals, the defending NL champions come into town, fresh off being swept out of Kansas City by the Royals. I'm a bit worried that the Tigers are worn out after trading blows with the Cards and could suffer a bit of a letdown against Colorado, but maybe they're even more confident after winning a series from one of the best teams in baseball.

The Rockies have lost five of their last six games, giving up an average of almost six runs in those losses. Ubaldo Jimenez has pitched well in his last three starts, allowing just three earned runs in 20 innings, yet only has one win to show for the effort. Here's an insightful feature on Jimenez and his pitching repertoire from the Denver Post (via SB Nation broham Purple Row).

This also means the return of Jason Grilli to Comerica Park, where he doesn't pitch very well (thanks Billfer) and the fans just plain don't like him. (Maybe BYB could be considered one of the places where "angry fans" devote "web space" to "ripping" Grili, but I think this site deserves most of that spotlight.) Grilli has been good lately, allowing just one earned run in his last nine appearances (9 1/3 innings), but it'll be interesting to see what happens if he pitches in Detroit.

I don't know how short of a leash Eddie Bonine was on with Tigers management, but he certainly made a case for staying in the starting rotation with his performance last weekend in San Diego. Bonine didn't look so good in his debut against the Dodgers, but was bailed out by his lineup and bullpen. However, he held the Padres to just two runs and pitched seven innings. Giving up home runs is a concern, however, as Bonine has served up three in just 12 1/3 innings. Chicks dig the long ball, Eddie, but only when hitters jack them over the fence.

By the way, don't ask Jim Leyland about his time in Colorado. He doesn't want to talk about it. How many of us do like talking about old jobs, anyway?

The aforementioned Purple Row has your SB Nation opposing view for the weekend.