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Off-Day Open Thread/Therapy

Okay, I think we could all use a day off from this Detroit Tigers team (which I'm ready to call "The WTF Tigers"), so I wouldn't be surprised if you stayed away from the BYB today. But I like to post these Open Threads on off-days, just in case anyone wants to vent, about anything Tigers-related or otherwise.

Of course, we have the amateur draft today, and when news of Detroit's selection breaks, I'll post something pertinent. Is there a particular direction you'd like to see the Tigers follow today, or are you just ready to see what happens?

We'll also likely see a transaction or two, with Denny Bautista apparently ready to return, Ramon Santiago's shoulder injury, and yesterday's four-run meltdown by Casey Fossum to consider. Anyone you'd like to see called up or shipped out?

And hey, how 'bout those Red Wings? Going to the parade tomorrow?

So the discussion belongs to you. Feel free to add anything you'd like in the comment thread. We're here for each other. Just be nice.