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Game 62: Indians (28-34) at Tigers (25-36)

Jeremy Sowers (0-0, 5.23) vs. Armando Galarraga (4-2, 3.76)

As I said in yesterday's recap, we'll know if the Tigers might actually be riding some upward momentum if they're able to follow up yesterday's display of offensive power with another respectable showing from the lineup. Far too many times this season, Detroit has flexed its muscles in one game, only to come out the next day listless and flabby.

Jeremy Sowers might be just the guy to help the Tigers reverse that trend and notch another Sunday win. Last season, Detroit batters often pounded soft-tossing lefties like this into pulp. And that's exactly what they did to Sowers when he last faced them a year ago. In his two starts this year, Sowers hasn't been stellar, giving up three runs over five innings in each appearance.

Armando Galarraga rejoins the Tigers' starting rotation, taking the spot of fallen comrade Jeremy Bonderman. His "piggyback start" backing up Dontrelle Willis on Tuesday didn't go so well, largely because he threw a pitch right down the middle of the plate to Eric Chavez, who jacked it into the seats for a game-tying (and morale-crushing) three-run homer. Galarraga has that good start/bad start pattern going on right now, so maybe that relief appearance counted as his bad outing and he'll bring the good stuff today.

As yesterday's lineup was so successful, today's batting order looks pretty similar, other than the bottom three hitters. Pudge Rodriguez is catching, Brent Clevlen is in right field, and Curtis Granderson gets to hit against a left-hander (albeit at the bottom of the order).