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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 06/09

Something I forgot to add in my post on Jeremy Bonderman's injury was that I wouldn't know how serious it was until my arch-enemy Samara from Roar of the Tigers drew on herself to illustrate the malady. Well, she didn't do that, but Samela put together some dandy medical illustrations to show where Bondo's afflicted artery resides. As usual, it's great stuff and if Will Carroll ever gives up the "Under the Knife" gig, Baseball Prospectus' should really offer Sam a job.

I suppose we should all be glad, however, that Samela chose not to demonstrate Carlos Guillen's hemorrhoids with pen, ink, and color.

Sexy? Solid? Billfer might be nursing a man-crush for Freddy Dolsi, who pitched like a shut-down set-up cowboy yesterday.

I know I didn't post much draft stuff, which may have disappointed a few of you, but if you're looking for information on the Tigers' 2008 stash of amateur talent, Take 75 North's Matt Wallace did a fantastic job of sizing up each of Detroit's picks with some seriously thorough analysis, while also exploring the strategy behind each selection. Here is his first-day analysis, as well as his look at the second day, along with thoughts on first-round pick, Ryan Perry.

Joe Sheehan filled out his All-Star ballots for Baseball Prospectus. Did a Detroit Tiger actually make his AL team? Could be. (Hint: He's an infielder with impressive temples.)

Yesterday's New York Times has an excellent feature on ballpark food around the major leagues. (I particularly enjoyed the lede in Peter Meehan's article.) I want to take a baseball road trip every summer, but reading about some of the food available these days has me just a little more motivated to get in the car and drive.

Comerica Park doesn't get any mentions in the main text, but if you go to the interactive sidebar article, the best and worst samplings at each ballpark can be found. The gyro from Leo's Coney Island drew kudos, but I'll let you click over there to see what got a thumbs down.

At Mack Avenue Tigers, Kurt introduces us to Michael Hollimon, whom I hope gets some major league game action soon. (Until Placido Polanco and Edgar Renteria get a day off, however, I'm not sure when that will happen.)